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NewStar is an Online portal to help you find information about all your favorite stars. This is a growing online portal where people come to know about their star. I

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At, we also provide advertisement services for those who want to get connect with our audiences. Following are the Advertisement services we offer:

  • Sponsored Articles
  • Guest Post
  • Advt Space

Sponsored Articles

For those who want to add a Sponsored Article on our platform is welcome. We also want our viewers to know about what others have to office. But before you offer us any sponsored article, make sure to read the guidelines given below.

Sponsored Articles Guidelines

  1. Make sure that the Article you write should be minimum 500 words
  2. All the sponsored article should pass through  plagiarism test
  3. It is always better to make your content relevant to the audience.
  4. Make sure that the article is information based.

Guest Post:

We welcome likeminded people to write for us. If you are one of those who hae some great post to share with the audience, then you can contact us for a Guest Post service.

If you are an aspiring Blogger or writer and do know how to start, do not worry. Write to us at, we will guide you accordingly.

Guest Post Guideline To Follow

  1. The Article should be minimum of 700 words and informative.
  2. We do no encourage Spun content & it should pass Plagiarism Check.
  3. If your content has any information, it should refer to the valuable source so that your content has some value.
  4. All the content you write should be relevant to our audience. Go through the website for a better understanding.
  5. We do not support articles that are meant to hurt any individuals sentiments or value. We will take strict action if any such cases are found.

Display & Banner Articles

We also have a provision for those who want to represent their business graphically. With Display and Banner Ads, you create better engagement with the audience. With our Display Ads/Banner Ads service, you get a better opportunity to express your thoughts to our audience in the bets graphical form.

Our Policy does not support any creative/art that is abusive or is meant to hurt anyone feelings. We have all the right to stop the campaign if any such cases are found.